Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter service at Crossbridge

Caleb got a kite, pajamas, eggs filled with Cheerios, and a ball (he loved the ball!) in his basket
We had lots of fun having dinner with the Wallaces, this is the bunny cake we brought for dessert. It turned out pretty cute. :)
Crossbridge helped sponsor an Easter egg hunt at an assisted living center down the street from church. Here are Caleb, Hazel, and Evelyn before the big event. Caleb was more interested in shaking the eggs (they made a fun sound) than putting them in the basket.


  1. Cute cake, Erin! Wow, Caleb scored with his Easter basket. =)

  2. Caleb looks like such a big boy! I bought those same sandals for Bobby. He loves them! If he sees them, he brings them over to me so I can put them on him. :) Miss you!