Friday, April 2, 2010

March . . . Month in Review

Here are some of the highlights of the month of March:
-a much-needed break from school (for both Cameron and I) allowed us to travel to see Rachel and Amanda in Dallas and then up to Nashville to meet up with Cameron's parents for a couple of days. It was a fun and refreshing break, but we were exhausted after our 15+ hour trip home! Low point of the trip -- discovering that we have a CD stuck in the CD player in our car and no idea how to get it out (but, on the positive side, we listened to lots of NPR!).

-making a decision about housing . . . we have been going back and forth for several months and not feeling a lot of direction about what do for our living situation. We met with a realtor to look at some rental houses last weekend (she was great!), but we were kind of bummed out by the type of house we could afford. So, we decided to sign a six-month lease at our apt. complex and we will see what happens from there. We felt a lot of peace by just being able to make one decision about our lives right now! :)

-Caleb has hit a lot of developmental mile stones all of a sudden! He has gone from crawling to mostly walking (kind of looks like Frankenstein), has several words that he uses consistently ('da da', 'baby', and 'see'), and points at things to let us know what he sees or needs. He continues to use the sign for 'more' to let us know what he wants. I feel like he is developing a sense of humor as certain things seem to completely crack him up.

-we all survived Caleb's first ear infection and fever -- we made it to 14 mo. with only doing one round of antibiotics - awesome!

-Caleb is sporting a new haircut -- he screamed and screamed as he was getting it cut, but I am loving the results! In the picture below, he was pointing at the babies in the book and saying 'baby'! So smart! :) (also -- I am loving his cutie-patootie pajamas -- organic cotton and only $5.00 at Walmart!)


  1. Thanks for these updates, Erin. Yikes--a 15 hour drive!

    Sara J was visiting this week and saw Caleb's pic on the fridge. She asked, "Who is that beautiful boy?!"

  2. So great to talk to you, honey!! :) We can have self control, right?!! Oh yeah, girl. Glad you are experiencing peace right now.

    Love you lots,

  3. Love his PJs too! I'll have to stop by Wal-Mart!